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Gold Coast Flooring Shop Offering a Complete Range of Products

As a local flooring shop on the Gold Coast, we help our clients by offering options that they wouldn’t have in any other stores. Since establishing ourselves in 2014, we have been the go-to economical and eco-friendly supplier for our clients. We offer access to a wide range of the highest quality flooring, including hybrid flooring, engineered timber flooring and vinyl planks. Because of our complete range of products, we can offer these high-quality floors at surprisingly low costs.


Customers can also have complete confidence in their purchase because all of our products are backed by long-term warranties and high-quality workmanship. Here at GAT Flooring, we are housing local flooring experts and stock a variety of materials. With these, we can tailor fit to the current trends and performance requirements. You’ll get an unsurpassed level of personalised care that you won’t find anywhere else.

Flooring Shop Gold Coast
Flooring Shop Gold Coast

Your Gold Coast Flooring Shop with a Reliable Supplier

Most clients who are looking for a Gold Coast flooring shop are looking for the ideal option for their laundry rooms. Since such areas are particularly susceptible to moisture, water might come from a variety of places during a disaster. It can be from an overflowing washing machine, a clogged drainpipe, or a fractured or severed water supply pipe. For this reason, choosing a moisture-resistant floor covering for the laundry room is beneficial.


Our team also recommends a warm, soft floor covering that you can stand on for lengthy periods of time. As homeowners as well, we know that the floor should be smooth and easy to maintain. Most importantly, your flooring choice should be durable enough to last for years. Here at GAT Flooring, you can rely on us not just for our reasonable pricing but also for our premium installation services.

Factors to Consider Before You Shop for Your Gold Coast Flooring Options

Knowing which flooring options to shop for on the Gold Coast is extremely important. While our staff are always willing to assist you, it’s always best to have the knowledge to ensure you are choosing the right flooring for you. At GAT Flooring, we suggest the following considerations:


1. Moisture Resistant
Choosing flooring that is moisture resistant has a lot of benefits. By doing so, you can avoid pricey renovations and can maximise your chosen option.


2. Maintenance
Areas that are close to a water source tend to have a higher chance of accumulating moulds, mildew, and other bacteria. Having said that, choosing an easy, clean flooring option can be beneficial.


3. Safety
Most importantly, you also have to consider how safe flooring is when installed in your laundry room. If you’re doubtful of the anti-skid characteristic of your flooring, you may put anti-skid floor mats to prevent accidents.

Flooring Shop Gold Coast

Regardless of your choice, GAT Flooring will always be your top flooring shop on the Gold Coast. Contact us today for a quotation!

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