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GAT Flooring is one of the leading surface flooring specialty installers and retailers on the Gold Coast. Founded in 2014, we proudly became one of the fastest-growing companies in Australia. Our large inventory of items ensures that our customers get what they need when they need it. Most of all, our top-quality items are priced lower than those of our competitors. This is made possible as we source directly from manufacturers across the world.


Our reputation is further bolstered by a regional focus. This allows us to tailor a shop experience and product mix to each client we serve. Regardless of the job’s scale, we will deliver the same amount of dedication and hard work.

Flooring Installers Gold Coast
Flooring Installers Gold Coast

Flooring Installers’ Recommendations for Your Gold Coast Laundry Room

Being the reliable flooring installers on the Gold Coast, we know that clients want laundry rooms that are easy to maintain and functional. The choice of flooring in this area is crucial as it is exposed to water and moisture. For this reason, we made this guide to help you choose which flooring type best suits you:


1. Vinyl Planks Flooring
Vinyl planks are the greatest option for clients looking to redo their laundry room, as this flooring is waterproof, extremely durable and easy to maintain and clean.


2. Engineered Timber Flooring
Engineered timber flooring is more expensive but has a superior appearance. It offers the benefits of real wood to homes, without the challenges associated with solid hardwood flooring. The superior plywood base of engineered wood is dimensionally stable, which means it is less impacted by moisture.

Start Your Project with a Trusted Team of Flooring Installers on the Gold Coast

While our flooring installers on the Gold Coast are more than happy to assist, you will always make the final decisions. Our team will only provide satisfactory service and guaranteed warranties to ensure you get the peace of mind you deserve.


However, when it comes to flooring, you have to remember that it’s all about your preferences and priorities. You can choose between durable and less conventionally attractive flooring or a more expensive floor that adds value to the house. Regardless of your choice, our team will guide you and will ensure to properly install your flooring for you.

Flooring Installers Gold Coast

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