Flooring Installers Brisbane

Flooring Installers Committed to Premium Projects in Brisbane

Whether your personal style is best shown through engineered timber flooring, hybrid floors or vinyl planks, our Brisbane installers are the right professionals for you. GAT Flooring was founded in 2014. Soon after, we quickly established ourselves as one of Australia’s leading flooring experts. Thanks to our commitment to providing premium workmanship and warm customer service, we have maintained this reputation throughout the years.


It is our goal to deliver superior yet affordable flooring that is both economical and environmentally beneficial. We take pride in having forward-thinking renovators, property developers, architects, and designers who are among our current and past clients. Since we are passionate about assisting in the development of high-quality houses, we have built relationships with clients beyond the project’s scope. We can take care of our clients’ needs, regardless of their flooring requirements, be it for a new home or a renovation.

Flooring Installers Brisbane
Flooring Installers Brisbane

Our Installers’ Tips in Choosing the Right Brisbane Flooring

While there are a lot of flooring installers in Brisbane that will make choosing hard, customers will find it even more difficult to pick between materials. This all starts with knowing what things you should consider, including:


1. Learn About the Material’s Grade

Different types of flooring will require different maintenance and care, depending on the durability of the material. By learning about the material’s grade, you can make sure that you thoroughly protect your floors.


2. Choose the Right Colour

The aesthetic of your home can be made complete by the flooring you choose. After all, it takes up so much room that it certainly draws attention. As a result, the colour of your flooring should complement your home’s interior design and general concept.


3. Budget

Different types of flooring vary in price. You’ll need to figure out how much flooring you’ll need in order to set the right budget.

Brisbane Flooring Installers with Guaranteed Long-Lasting Solutions

Our Brisbane flooring installers at GAT Flooring provide more than just premium workmanship and materials. Unlike other companies, we offer long-term services to ensure that you maximise the benefits of the project. That’s why no matter how big or small your project is, every job we take on gets extended warranties for repairs and other services.


Moreover, our company does things differently, as we highly respect and value our client’s time and schedule. For this reason, we make sure to complete the installation according to what was agreed upon. This is also made possible because we are equipped with state of the art tools and materials. Although we offer premium services, we ensure to provide fair and transparent prices to maintain the integrity that we have built.

Flooring Installers Brisbane

Our installers offer a wide range of flooring options in Brisbane. Contact us today to learn more!

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