Floating Floors Gold Coast

Exceptional Installer of Floating Floors on the Gold Coast

Founded in 2014, GAT Flooring has long been one of the most trusted suppliers and distributors of floating floors on the Gold Coast. Our team appreciates the time spent in spaces where people work, play and create memories with their loved ones. That’s why we are committed to providing long-lasting results, no matter how big or small the project is. We aim to provide premium yet practical flooring solutions to both commercial and residential clients.


Using our cutting edge tools, a wealth of knowledge, and dependable customer service, we have established a name that people can rely on. With our values and strict approach to installation, we have built a relationship and repeat partnerships with the industry’s greatest designers, architects, engineers and people who are innovators. Sharing our common passion for integrity and quality workmanship, we have contributed to the development of countless bespoke homes across Australia.

Floating Floors Gold Coast
Floating Floors Gold Coast

Benefits of Choosing Floating Floors on the Gold Coast

Floating floors may be the fastest flooring option on the Gold Coast due to their ‘click-lock method’. It provides exceptional stability and insulation to households because of its non-traditional installation method. Furthermore, because it simply requires a snap to hold its position, it forms an air cushion beneath the floor. This cushion is beneficial to many homeowners, particularly those with leg and back issues. Aside from that, because dirt and allergens do not build in the crevices, it provides excellent allergy protection.

What You Can Expect From Our Gold Coast Floating Floors

At GAT Flooring, we offer more than just premium floating floors for Gold Coast homes. We also offer outstanding service, which is seen throughout the process of the project. Our team guarantee to provide you with the best experience possible. This is done through:


1. Constant Communication
Our team believes that your ultimate satisfaction will start with clear and constant communication. This means that right from our initial point of contact up to the finishing touches, we will ensure to keep you involved and aware.


2. Fair Pricing
Unlike other companies, we are not fond of hidden costs that spoil a client’s experience. Having said that, choosing our team allows you to have realistic, upfront and detailed pricing, letting you take charge of the cost.


3. Unmatched After-Sales Support
Our team aims to provide long-lasting comfort and peace of mind to our clients. That’s why we provide warranties for all our projects.

Floating Floors Gold Coast

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